these are the thrones

for solo mezzo soprano

Commissioned by Rosalie Warner for 'Visionary Bodies'
Choreography by Greta Schutzer.

fp Rosalie Warner Perception 20|21, APT Gallery, Deptford | 6th May 2018

Realms of being:

representation of different emotional states within oneself

Church Scene

1. Crying Dog (feat. panting) - needy, talking to self, sometimes whining sometimes eager
2. Priest - authority, kind, mild ego.
3. Being exorcised - Anxiety, extreme feeling of being out of sync with the self, good prevails.
4. Fallen Angel - vulnerability, heartbreak, meek but discovering lost strength
5. Over-Excited Child - embodiment of extreme excitement, bewilderment, living moment to moment, infant/young toddler.
6. Inner Calm - neutral, absence of emotion, still, presence, acceptance.

poem created using words from hildegard von bingen's 'visions of ecstacy:

Angels’ jaws of dying stone spat glistening fish to barren ground and in the dust they thrashed and drowned

heavenly filth

so quietly danced the burned out sparks from bones to bodies low

beating souls

I, red at dawn
My heart, with strings of sapphire
playing fiery grace

these are the thrones