sea sounds

for solo piano

fp Satoko Inoue | 13th November 2017

duration ca. 3'30

The score is made from original, unedited sound drawings which I made on the beach at Thorpeness, listening specifically to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.
Each time the piece is performed, someone will be invited to draw an interpretation of the sounds they hear.
The new drawing will become the new score for the next performance, and so on.
The drawings shall be left totally un-altered for the performer to interpret in their own way, following the given parameters for each movement.

sound drawings definition: a drawing that has been made in real time whilst listening to/in direct correlation with a particular sound/sound world. evolving score definition: a score which is not fixed, but changes with each performance.

original score drawn whilst listening to the sea on 20/07/17 by Lara Agar:

evolution score drawn whilst listening to Satoko Inoue playing 'Sea sounds'on 22/11/17 by Phoebe Pryor: