chalk iteration #1

(an ongoing collaboration with Phoebe Pryor)

for open instrumentation w film

duration 12'

fp Unfinished: Freedom of Movement Festival London | Iklectic | 11th March 2019

A block of chalk lies in the heather on the perimeter of Tunstall Forest, Suffolk, England. Looking at rituals of returning, of creating ‘landmarks’, erosion and changes in seasons, this project will be set against a backdrop of displacement and movement of people, and historical traditions of human relationship to rocks and the collective unconscious.

The inspiration for Chalk comes from a desire to pick apart an innate sense of grounding and need for continuity in life which we feel the chalk represents. A typical visit reveals how the chalk is enduring. Without discussion, we fall into patterns of silence, scrubbing and brushing the rock. It will eventually disintegrate into the land, and increasingly we become aware of our influence on the hastening of this process, yet the rock remains resilient. Our artistic experience at the site is set in the existence of being there together as two friends, simply mapping, patterning, noting, listening. The chalk acts as a marker of time, a canvas which reflects the shadows of the heather around it, shows marks of animals passing by, and the build up of mould.